Invest in the Future

Statistics have shown that one out of every four girls, and one out of every six boys, will be sexually abused before they reach age eighteen. Sadly, only one in ten will ever disclose their abuse. Unfortunately, these statistics do not discriminate against the children across the Northern Tier region of Pennsylvania. Child abuse in this region is an ever increasing problem which requires a community approach to effectively address. These children deserve and need a safe place to land where there is courage to stand up against child abuse. The Children’s House/CAC does exactly that by providing a safe haven to all of the victims that enter its’ doors.

To be able to provide specialized and invaluable crisis services; from intake, to forensic interview, to medical exam, case follow up to the disposition of a case and beyond The Children’s House needs the community support. Research suggests that communities that follow the same approach The Children’s House does saves the community an estimated $1,000 per case, resulting in over $700,000 savings for our community. Over the past two years, we have continued to see an increasing need for the services provided at The Children’s House. We need the community support more than ever to continue to ensure every child victim has access to free services. You and/or your business can make it possible for every child with the courage to speak out has access to specialized services free of charge so the journey from victim to survivor can begin.

Generous donors like you are and will continue to be the key to our organization’s success. We hope that we can count on your support to help us with our mission; for every dollar you give to help a child today, will have an impact on the child, their family, and our community for generations to come.


Thank you to all the individuals and businesses in our community that contributed to the 2017 Invest in the Future Campaign!