About Us


The issue of child abuse often seems surreal to those that do not witness it on a regular basis. As a result, communities are reluctant to recognize there is a child abuse problem, this creates disconnects in communication and makes the jobs of those involved in helping the children and identifying those at fault much more difficult. In actuality, child abuse is a very real problem nationwide. The system designed to respond and protect them can sometimes be so difficult to navigate that it adds to their trauma, rather than relieving it. The Children’s House exists to create a more effective, caring response to children who have been abused. We are dedicated to providing justice and healing for  abused children. We work to protect victims, to end the cycle of abuse, and to improve the quality of the investigations. 

In 1986, a group of concerned citizens and professionals got together and created The Bradford County Child Sexual Abuse Task Force.  The purpose of the original entity was to educate the public of the problem of child sexual abuse and to increase the prosecution of offenders.


The Task Force received a grant from the Children’s Trust Fund in 1989 to construct a facility to give sexually abused children of Bradford County a safe and child friendly place to be interviewed by children and youth services and law enforcement personnel.

The interviews are recorded to minimize the number of times a child is required to tell their story of abuse. Our vision has continued to grow since the inception of the Task Force in 1986. We continue to offer a child-friendly environment to children who have been victimized by abuse.

We conduct forensic interviews on site and provide the appropriate authorities with a CD version of the interview to eliminate the necessity of repetitive interviews. In addition, we recently started completing medical forensic examinations on-site.


Our ultimate goal is for abused children to receive all necessary services in one location built specifically to meet their needs. All of the services will be provided to the child at no cost to the family.

Child abuse is an ongoing problem throughout the United States.  We believe that offering the services described in a central location will expedite the legal process and ensure that the victim’s needs are being met to assist in a full recovery.

The funding required to operate the Children’s House comes from local donations, fundraising efforts and through the support of the Bradford County United Way. If you would like to donate click here.

The Child First Philosophy

The child is our first priority.

Not the needs of the family.
Not the child’s “story.”
Not the evidence.
Not the needs of the courts.
Not the needs of police, child protection, attorneys, etc.

The child is our first priority.


One with courage